Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bad Crow

It's the same ol'.
I must be broken to
Reveal my sincerity.
My truth be hungry.
It's been starved and
Here come these crows.
In sunlight or in moonlight,
I look the same.
I attract these crows.
Weakened and gray like charcoal,
27yrs, see that red Saturn star,
Sparkling off damp pavement.
It's not a shimmer,
It's not a glimmer,
It's warning.
I've attracted these crows.
In sunlight or in moonlight,
I appear the same,
Bad crows are gonna
Swallow me whole.
These bad crows are
Gonna swallow me whole.
They'll take my life,
Let it be written.
Lover crow, come lover crow,
You better swallow
Me whole.
Lover crow better swallow me whole,
Cause these bad crows,
They want my soul.

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